Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Seven Day Social Immersion Challenge

CLICK HERE to see my photo of the day for each day of this week

In 2012, I completed the Project 365 challenge, so this week's photo-a-day assignment was a lot of fun for me!  From January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2012, I posted a photo every single day.  I tried to take a photo that summed up the major part of my day.  Throughout the process, I learned a lot about photography, and about myself!  I enjoy photography and have taken a few photography classes, so I undertook the Project 365 challenge as a way to improve my photography skills.  I also thought it would be a neat way to document a year in my life.  I used the Project 365 app on my iPhone, and every day I uploaded my photo to Facebook.  This was a great way for my family that lives in New England to know what was going on in my life.  Many of my family members have told me how much they loved seeing my pictures every day (one aunt said they were the only reason she logged in to Facebook every day), and they were disappointed when the year was over.  Many of them have asked me to start doing Project 365 again.  After this week, I remember how much fun it was, and I'm definitely tempted to start again!  Not only did Project 365 help improve my photography, it helped me to try new things and get out of my apartment more often.  Knowing that people were looking at my pictures each day, I certainly didn't want to have picture after picture of me sitting on the couch watching TV.  So I made myself go out and do things more often than I normally would.  I started walking the dog more, going out in Annapolis, and spending more time with friends.  Those habits have now stuck with me, and I'm definitely enjoying life!
For my pictures this week, all of them were taken with my iPhone 5, except for Friday's.  That photo was taken with my Nikon D70 and an 80-400mm lens.  I decided to approach this week like the year of Project 365, and post a picture that summed up the major part of my day.  I have seen other photo-a-day challenges that revolve around themes, or specific subject matter, and I think those would be an interesting twist on the challenge.  I might just have to try one of those out!

Although the assignment said to complete either the photo-a-day challenge or the Twitterthon, I decided that I would try to amp up my Twitter usage this week, just to see how it would go.  I tried to find new people to follow every day, and also tried posting more often.  I found that I got very overwhelmed in trying to keep up with it all!  I am a regular Twitter user, so I'm comfortable using it, but I found that I was devoting way more time to reading my Twitter feed than I wanted to.  I have three different Twitter accounts - one is personal, one is educational, and one is for following the nail art world (which I write a blog for).  For some of the people I followed this week, I have decided to follow them with one of my other accounts.  That way I can read those feeds if I have some extra time.  My personal Twitter account will just be for those that I want to follow on a daily basis.  While I was a bit overwhelmed by my mini-Twitterthon, I did find some interesting new people and businesses to follow!

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