Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Website: CLICK HERE

When starting this assignment of creating a digital portfolio, I visited many of the sites listed in order to see where I wanted my website to be hosted.  I immediately gravitated to, as I was drawn to the infographic style they used.  I signed up for an account and started editing my page.  After a few minutes, I realized that this site did not offer the customization that I wanted.  I was unable to upload videos and documents, and I could not customize the layout in the ways I wanted.  I decided that was not going to suit my needs, so I went to  Again, I signed up for an account and began editing, when I ran into many of the same issues.  After thinking for a while, I remember that I had used for a previous Wilkes class in order to make a website.  I remembered that Weebly allowed for much more customization, and had many more capabilities than the other sites I had explored.

In building my Weebly site, I had to make a lot of choices about what I wanted to include.  I really like the social media buttons that Weebly offers (in the top right corner and bottom of my page).  These buttons allow people to e-mail me, and connect to me on social media sites, but do not take up a lot of space on the page.  I do not like cluttered websites, so I appreciate these buttons.  I then began to include coursework and projects.  I linked to the two blogs I have created for Wilkes classes, and then took advantage of Weebly's capabilities and included a document, video, image, and link.  I'm happy with how my website turned out, and I think it is representative of what I have accomplished here in the Wilkes Instructional Media program.

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