Monday, June 24, 2013


Hi everyone!

My name is Kate Benoit, and I live in Annapolis, Maryland.  I just finished up my 7th year of teaching for Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  I have been teaching French for AACPS since graduating college, and I really love it.  My first year, I was an itinerant teacher, and I taught at five different middle schools.  After one year of that, I was lucky enough to land a full time job at Old Mill Middle North, where I have been ever since.  OMMN is an IB-MYP school, so all our students take high school level language classes starting in 6th grade.  It's challenging, but a lot of fun!

This summer is a busy one for me.  Today I started the process of rewriting the French 2 curriculum for the county, which I'll be working on until July.  I also have a few trips planned, though, so it won't all be work :)

My favorite ice cream is cookies n' cream.  The movie that I've seen probably about a hundred times is "White Christmas".

I'm looking forward to working with everyone!

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